Bubble Machines

Bubbles…who can resist them? Festive and fun, bubble machines are the ultimate party enhancement. Bubble machines produce hundreds of floating bubbles creating an entertaining atmosphere anywhere, anytime you want.

At idjnow we carry bubble machines for all types of applications. For home, nightclubs, children’s party places, outdoor venues and more. Our selection includes bubble machines from Chauvet, Le Maitre and American DJ – brand names you can trust, at wallet-friendly prices.

If you're looking fog or haze atmospheric special effects, head over to our fog and haze machine section, we have you covered! Need more bubble refill fluid to keep the fun going? stop over by our section for special effects & fog fluids.

To learn more about any of the bubble machines we carry or if you need a specific model not shown, please chat with us live, visit one of our showrooms, or call our friendly and enthusiastic staff toll free at 1-800-355-7746.

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